Magic Starter Kit 2022

$13.99 Incl. GST

The 2022 Starter Kit is ideal for any pair of new Magic players that walk through your doors, as they give newcomers the opportunity to dive into their first game in-person and continue the fun online with redeemable Magic: The Gathering Arena code cards.

Starter Kits are being refreshed for 2022 and will collect cards from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, Innistrad: Crimson Vow, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, and Streets of New Capenna.

The Starter Kits contain everything new players need to get started and they can keep up the fun by heading to Magic: The Gathering Arena right after.


    • 2 60-card decks
    • 1 foil card in each deck
    • 1 Ad card
    • 2 Magic: The Gathering Arena Redemption Cards
    • 1 Rules and World-of-Magic Rulebook
    • 2 Deck Boxes

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