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How We Help You Navigate the PC Parts Maze


Our consultants are not just gamers; they are PC hardware wizards. They’ll decipher the jargon and help you understand what each component does.

Tailored Recommendations

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We’ll carefully assess your needs and preferences to suggest a PC configuration that suits YOU.

Compatibility Assurance

Say goodbye to compatibility nightmares. We ensure that every component works seamlessly together, eliminating headaches down the road.

Budget Optimisation

Get the most value for your money. We’ll recommend cost-effective options that won’t compromise on performance.


We’ll guide you on how to future-proof your gaming PC, so it stays relevant for years to come.

How It Works

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Simply plug in your new custom PC and start playing!

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And keep in mind, there’s absolutely no obligation to make any purchases from us during or after our chat.

Our primary goal is to assist you in making well-informed decisions about your gaming PC, tailored to your needs and preferences. This consultation is completely free of charge, and we’re here solely to offer expert guidance and support.

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