What Others Say About Us

Great service and friendly staff. However, I had a few issues with the PC they built for me; which are still present. I kept bringing it in but the issues/new issues persisted. PC keeps freezing, occasional blue screen, poor cable management, slow processing. I spent around 3k on the PC and Im not happy with it because it does seem to be faulty. I have spoken to them in the past but we can't seem to figure out what's causing all the problems. I would recommend their service as they are very supportive but I had a bad experience with the PC I bought, and it seemed no matter how many times I brought it back, new issues kept popping up. I might look at ways of getting my money back somehow as I don't like the PC at all.
Excellent service every time.
Took my son's PC for a check up under warranty as it was failing. Adam fixed it on the spot and replaced parts free of charge without hesitation. Further tests and checks were performed to ensure everything was performing as it should before I left. Prompt, friendly and thorough after sales service. We will be back when it's time to upgrade
would highly recommend this place to go to, so down to earth when speaking to you like a normal person and not some person who thinks they know better. So helpful and go out of their way, even when on the phone, well done to this business wish there was more around like you, you will go a long way by doing what you are doing. I will be going back for more repairs and upgrades
Bought my son's gaming system from here for a very fair price and haven't had an issue with it in years of heavy usage. Had a problem today, took it to the shop and they fixed it on the spot. Super friendly and knowledgeable; incredible customer service. Can't recommend highly enough.